Come and take a peek behind the camera and let me tell you about myself. My name is Brianna Knodel and I am self taught photographer. I am a landscape and wildlife photographer with the occasional foray into the western heritage and Native American culture.

The first time I ever took a picture, I was about 10 years old. Standing on the back porch of my house during a monsoon storm in Phoenix AZ. I had my moms’ 35mm camera, and I was standing in the pitch black with the camera against my face clicking away. I wasn’t very successful, but when I saw that one picture with that one lightning bolt, I was filled with pride and I knew then that I wanted to pursue photography.

I have always loved being outdoors; weather it was hiking, bicycle racing or camping, I've always been on the go. It was natural for me to choose to photograph the outdoors. When I moved from Arizona to Montana and then to Washington State, my passion blossomed. With the beauty all around me, and deer almost around every corner it was as if I found myself. I couldn’t stop taking pictures; first with my phone then with my first “real” camera, a Nikon L810 point and shoot.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words; But I believe that it’s important to impart more than a story with my photographs. I believe that the feeling behind a photograph is equally important. I believe that this aspect of my photography is something that I will be learning on a deeper level each and every time I touch the shutter button.

I want to thank you for taking the time to visit. I hope you enjoy my galleries and I would love to hear from you. For questions, or to get more information before you order please email at: